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Codicote Heart Action Team


The team was established after James Doherty, then 13, nearly died whilst playing tennis in September 2008. He has a rare heart condition, called "Long QT" syndrome, of which he and his family were totally unaware of until he had a heart attack. it was only the quick-thinking and "have-a-go" attitude of a passing stranger that saved his life. This stranger had no formal training in First Aid and CPR, but decided that it was worth doing what he'd seen on the television. Against all the odds, he kept James alive until the Paramedics arrived to take over. The doctors at the hospital were certain that if the stranger hadn't intervened then James would not have survived.

This prompted James' mother, Sarah, to want to make a difference and give everyone the knowledge which could save a life. Using her natural enthusiasm, she set about finding out what was in place and where any gaps were in training CPR. She quickly organised a free session for people to learn CPR and gathered a team of like-minded villagers to look into the possibility of continuous training, both in Codicote and eventually throughout North Herts and beyond.

Watch a documentary about James and a bit of his life. Click here.



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